Fire Alarm Systems

The Fire Alarm System shall consists of a solid state control panel which receives signals from the smoke detectors and pill boxes, and motivates the local as well as the field   alarm.

The following shall be  provided in the main indicating  panel -
         a)  Visible indication indicating the zone in which fire has occured.
         b)  Audible Alarm Device.
         c)  Power supply conversion kit.
         d)  Acknowledge, Reset and Test Devices
         e)  Rotary switch for mode selection.

The panel shall be incorporated with indicators like:

        a)  Fire Condition.
        b)  Fault condition.
        c)  AC pilot indication
        d)  AC failure indication
        e)  DC failure indication.      
        f)  Low battery indication
        g) Battery charging failure indication.
        h) Battery discharge indication.
        i) Blown fuse indication
        j)  Built - in electronic hooter of 2-tone sound for fire condition and single tone for fault condition.
        k) Open circuit fault indication
        l)  Short circuit fault indication.
       m)  Push button switch for checking of each zone hooter.
        n)  Push button control for stopping of audible alarm (visual indication to remain)
        o) Reset push button
        p)  Zone isolation push button.

Fire detection and alarm circuits shall be of modular design using electronic printed plug in card circuits with spare cards.  Electronic components and cards shall be competable in non air conditioned environment for satisfactory operation.  The panel shall be provided with automatic trickle battery charger.

The panel shall be enclosed in CRCA sheet steel enclosure of 16 gauge thickness treated with degreasing and antirust treatments and shall be spray painted in three colors viz., Red for body, Brown for inner door bearing chassis and Silver gray for outer door.  It shall be provided with 4 nos. of heavy duty lugs on the rear side for mounting the panel on the wall with dash fastners of 3/8” dia and 3.5” length.  It shall also be provided with 4 nos. of rubber bushes  on the lower side to avoid direct contact with the floor.  The front door shall be, dust and vermin proof and  provided with high transparency acrylic sheet, ( non glossy type)  and a tamper proof lock.  The panel shall be provided with side louvers for ventilation and the same shall be covered with mosquito nets on the inner side to prevent entry of insects. 

Two maintenance free batteries of approved make, 12 volt each  with 12 Amp-hr capacity shall be provided in a suitable wooden box  painted red inside out with locking arrangement.  These shall be connected to the panel and kept stand by on float charge for 12 volts  


Electronic fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems sense fires at the earliest possible stage. The fully electronic fire detectors installed in the rooms to be protected transmit the appropriate signal to the fire alarm control panel, which converts this alarm message visually and acoustically (alarm) and in direct sequence releases fire-fighting systems. The exact position of the fire can be indicated , alarm sirens and flashing lights can be switched on, fire doors closed, smoke extraction flaps opened, air conditioning systems and machines switched off and connected fire extinguishing installations released, according to the design of the system.