Fire Fighting System



The Design, Materials, Fabrication, Workmanship, Erection, Testing And Commissioning For All Systems And Equipments Shall Be To The Relevant Indian Standards, Local Fire Fighting Rules Etc.

Following Indian Standards are to be followed wherever applicable.

IS : Fire Fighting  hose reels  
IS : Hydrant Valves
IS : Fire Alarm System
IS : Internal  Fire  Hydrants  for multy storey bldg.,
IS : Portable fire extinguishers.
IS : Mild steel/galvanised Iron pipes.
IS : Butterfly Valve
IS : centrifugal / Submersible pumps
IS : electricals motors
IS : C.I.. non return valves

All work and equipments shall confirm to the local fire fighting rules and regulations.  Work shall be inspected by various statuatory authorities having jurisdiction for this type of work.


These shall be of cast aluminium construction, with two red LED's mounted on the facia, and shall be  provided for local indications of fire detection.  They shall be  installed outside  rooms and  cabins, and below false ceilings..


Manual fire alarm stations (break glass type) sshall be  provided  at a place near  staircase and below the hooter at a height of 1370-1520 mm from the ground level.  Pill boxes shall be semi-flush with the wall projecting nearly 15 mm outside.  The construction shall be  of cast aluminium.


The hooter shall be  capable of producing dual tone, at a level of 90 decibles, and shall be clearly heard at the farthest end of the corridor/apartment.  It has all solid state components with a good quality speaker and a CRCA enclosure, treated with degreasing and antirust treatments and its paint shall be powder coated.  Its outlook shall be  presentable with an acrylic sheet facia marked with fire triangle and the words “FIRE ALARM” painted in bold letters.