Fire Extinguishers
Description: Mechanical Foam (Afff) Fire Extinguishers
Useful for Class 'A' & Class 'B' fires involving flammable liquids such as Naptha, Paints, Solvents, Tar, Varnish, Benzene Camphor and fats like Grease and Oils, Solids like Resins and Oils, Solids like Resins and Pigments. Foam Extinguishers fire by blanketing (Cutting off atmospheric supply of  oxygen to the burning surface) and cooling down the container and the contents. 
CAUTION : Not for use on Electrical and Metal fires involving chemicals susceptible to water reaction.

B.I.S. Specification :  10204 : Latest
Capacity : 9 Litres with ISI mark.
Spec.5507  : 50 litres mounted on 2 rubber wheel trolley, Each appliance comes with initial charge.
Type  : Upright
Description: Store Pressure Type Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers

Useful for class A, B & C fires involving wood, cotton, flammable liquids, grease,
electrical wiring, live machineries etc. The blanketing effect of ABC powder decomposes fire quickly.

Capacity : 1Kg, 2 Kg,  5 Kg, 10 Kg, & above 
We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Industrial Fire Extinguishers that includes a b c type dry powder fire extinguisher, trolley mounted fire Extinguishers,  (AFFF) type mechanical foam fire extinguishers, chemical powder type fire extinguishers and Co2 fire extinguisher.

Description: ABC Type Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

ABC Type Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
We are engaged in offering an exclusive range of FireExtinguisher -  A B C Type Dry Powder (Stored Pressure), that we manufacture in diverse forms. The product is appropriate for dousing A B C & E class of fire originating from paper, wood, cotton, petrochemical products, paints, resins, pigment, varnish, gases in the compressed form like oxygen, acetylene, LPG and CNG. Our range comes in a variety of thicknesses, diameters, fire rating as per the conditions of clients.

AFFF Type Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguishers
Our in depth expertise allows us in fabricating an extensive range of Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Type. These are perfunctory foam fire douses that make use of AFFF concentrate. Our range is useful against A & B class of fires making these perfect for wood, paper, cloth, flammable liquids, oil, gas solvents & paints. We offer the extinguishers in standard and customized forms.
Model   SE-MF-9 SE-MF-50
Specifications   IS:10204 IS:13386
Capacity Ltrs. 9 50
DIA. mm 175 300
Thickness mm 1.6 3.15
Hydraulic Test Pressure bar 30 30
Jet Range mtrs 6 10
MIN. Period For Which Jet To  Be  Maint. sec 25 60
Max. Period To Discharge sec 60 180
Min. Discharge Quantity % 90 95
Height mm 600 1185
Empty Weight Kg 6.1 37.8
Full Weight Kg 15.1 87.8
Temperature Range °c 0-60 0-60

Description: AFFF Type Mechanical Foam Fire Extinguishers


Description: Chemical Powder Type Fire Extinguishers

Chemical Powder Type Fire Extinguishers
The integrated variety of Portable Dry Chemical Powder Type, fabricated by us is obtainable in diverse representations, capability and thickness. These BC type dry chemical fire extinguishers, can make the most of sodium-bi-carbonate powder that is useful against B and C class of fires. That makes our extinguishers perfect for oil, petrol, fats, solvents, paints, varnish and also on gaseous fires such as LPG and acetylene and butane.

Technical Specifications:
Model   SE-DCP-5 SE-DCP-10
Specifications   IS:2171 IS:2171
Capacity Kg 5 10
Dia mm 150 175
Thickness mm 1.6 2
Hydraulic Test Pressure bar 30 30
Jet Range m 4 6
Min. Period For Which Jet To Be Maint. sec 15 23
Max. Period To Discharge sec 20 30
Min. Discharge Quantity % 85 85
Height  mm 496 575
Empty Weight Kg 5.4 10.4
Full Weight Kg 10.4 20.4
Temperature Range °c 0-60 0-60

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

We possess the expertise to offer Fire Extinguisher - CO2 FireExtinguisher, which is fabricated in conformation with set industry principles. These are practical and apt for B & C class of fire in material like petrochemical products, paints, resins, pigment, and varnish gases in the compressed form like oxygen, acetylene, LPG and CNG. Additionally, CO2 Fire Extinguisher is appropriate for putting out fires connecting electrical equipment.

Description: CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Description: Water Type Fire Extinguishers

Water Type Fire Extinguishers

Clients can avail from us a dimensionally accurate range of WaterType Fire Extinguishers that we offer in standard and customized versions... These are outfitted with components, making the range unique in design and performance. Our range is highly efficient, durable, and hard wearing. Our range is cost effective and precision engineered.

Modular Automatic Fire Extinguisher
Fire is a calamity that strikes without any warning and wreak an unimaginable havoc. According to a survey conducted 80% of the most damaging fires occur during night times, weekends or holidays when no one is around. Hence an automatic operation is the only solution for round-the-clock protection against any kind of fire. SUPREMEX Fire extinguishers are simple and economical solution for buildings or structures where detection and suppression piped systems prove cumbersome and very expensive.

How Do They Work? 
When heat from an uncontrolled fire increases to a pre-set temperature of the unit, the fusible link releases, discharging the extinguishing agent. The release  temperature of the extinguisher (fusible link) can be pre-set at works ranging from 57 deg C/68 deg C/79 deg C/93 deg C/140 deg C and so on. they require no external source of energy and it can be operated electrically manually or mechanically for their operation.

Salient Features 
1. An Automatic Detection and Suppression System together in a single unit quite     unlike any other system available in the market 
2. Automatic round-the-clock protection 
3. Available in individual units or as a Complete system 
4. Automatic, hence no human involvement, reducing the chances of injury and     accidents to virtually zero. 
5. Proves to be the most economical w hen compared and no surface re-laying 
6. Reusable cylinder as it is not based on aerosol technology. Hence, most     economical 
7. Non-Freezing & long lasting.

Available with either  ABC all purpose Dry chemical powder, purple k ,ul listed abc powder , or HFC-227ea and HFC-36 (also known as FM-200TM, a regd. trademark of Great Lakes Chemical Corporation or as Dupont's FE-227TM, range of extinguishing agents.

Electro Piston Actuator (Optional Feature) 
Switch can be linked into the wiring circuit for electric operation with solenoid actuator. This additional special facility can be attached at minimum extra cost.

Mounting Arrangement (Optional Feature)
Mounting Arrangement can be designed for special application request.

 In Industries of following Types : Powder, Textile,Chemicals, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Ceramics, Metal Processing, Vegetable Oil, Rubber, Wood, Paper and Pulp, Printing, Plastic, Paint, Computer etc. having special process hazards like Boiler & Furnaces, Fluid Power Systems, Oil quenching, Spray Finishing, Powder Coating, Dipping and Coating, Welding & Cutting, Grinding, Solvent Extraction, Conveyor Systems, Aerosol Charging, Transformers & Electrical Junction Boxes, Control Panels etc.

Applicability for General Occupancies & Storage Areas 
Like Storage of Flammable & Combustible Liquids and Gases, Grain Mill Products Solid Fuels, Records, Libraries, Museums, Showrooms, Shops, Offices, Residential premises, Workshop, Garages, Paint Booths, Theaters, Radio Rooms, TV Stations etc.
The Common Features For All Models

Expellant : Nitrogen
Cylinder Test Pressure : 30 kgf /cm2
Cylinder : Stainless Steel / M. S. Plate Powder coated

Description: Modular Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Description: Clean Agent

Clean Agent

SUPREMEX fire extinguishers offer the superior performance and reliability you expect from quality products. CLEAN AGENT replaces Halon 1211 as the agent-of-choice for applications where the agent must be clean, electrically nonconductive, environment-friendly, extremely low in toxicity and exceptionally effective

Technical Specifications :
Model SECA 500 SECA 1 SECA 2 SECA 5
Capacity 500 gm 1 kg 2 kg 5 kg
Effective Discharge (%) 97% 97% 97% 97%
Filled Weight (apx) 1.3kg 2.3kg 3kg 9kg
Empty Weight (apx) 870gm 1.3 kg 1.7 kg 4 kg
Operating Temperature -30° to 60° -30° to 60° -30° to 60° -30° to 60°
Working Pressure 15 kg / cm² 15 kg / cm² 15 kg / cm² 15 kg / cm²
Maximum Service pressure 18 kg / cm² 18 kg / cm² 18 kg / cm² 18 kg / cm²
Test pressure 30 kg / cm² 30 kg / cm² 30 kg / cm² 30 kg / cm²
Average Discharge Time 2-4 sec 2-4 sec 2-4 sec 2-4 sec

• Residue-free Hydrochlorofluorocarbon gas agent pressurized with nitrogen.
• Excellent replacement for Halon 1211 extinguishers.
• Seamless, welded steel shell is 100% hydrotested and 100% leak tested
• Large color-coded pressure gauge provides quick visual indication of unit readiness
• Stainless steel handle, lever, nozzle and hose band
• Color coded labels for instant type recognition
• Re-designed label incorporating easy to follow instructions and larger fire pictograms
• Clean agent is capable of fighting class A ,B C AND ELECTRICAL FIRES
• High performance extinguishing agent 
• Rechargeable and very easy to service 
• Leaves no powder residue

Foam Type F- 500

F- 500 Multi-Purpouse Fire Suppression Agent's engineered advantage combines the benefits of a wetting agent (I.e., surface tension reduction, rapid spread, penetration capability) with Micelle Encapsulator Technology. The traditional approaches of the fire suppression eliminate heat through steam conversion (plain water) or eliminate the oxygen leg of the fire tetrahedron and temporarily mask vapors through the formation and maintenance of a foam blanket (Class A and class B foam). In contrast, F-500's amphipathic molecular design is the foundation of F-500's fire suppression mechanics that simultaneously acts upon the heat, fuel, and free radical legs of the fire tetrahedron.
F-500 is environmentally safe, nontoxic, non-corrosive, 100% biodegradable, and requires no specialized equipment, thus make it the clear choice for fire and flammable liquid spill control. F-500 Certfications and Listings:

  • United States Department of Defense
  • Underwriter Laboratories- listed

F-500 has been examined at 1%, 3% and 6% to both the united states and Canadian UL standards for both Class A and Class B applications and found to comply with the applicable requirements in the Standard for Foam equipment and Liquid Concentrates, UL 162 and the NFPA standard foe wetting Agents, NFPA18.
Using Micelle EncapsulatorTechnology 'Micelle Encapsulator- When a cluster of molecules forms a "chemical
cocoon" around other molecules.

Description: Foam Type F- 500

Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguisher

Clients can avail from us a dimensionally accurate range of Trolley Mounted Fire Extinguisher, that we offer in three special categories.. These are outfitted with wheels, which are joined below the cylinders. This helps in rapid movement of the fire fighting systems to the place thus making sure absolute safety of the property. Our range includes mechanical foam trolley, which is developed as per IS: 13386 standards. Specifications:

Capacity Discharge time (Sec.) Jet length (Meters) Total discharge Test pressure (Kgf/Cm2) Gas cartridge used
50 Ltrs. 40-180 10 90% 30 300 gms.
  • Water Co2 type trolley : As per IS: 10385
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