Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems detect each fire in its initial stage and extinguish fires in a matter of minutes. The functional principle is as simple as it is safe. A piping system connected to a water supply is installed throughout all building sections to be rotected. AT certain distances sprinkler heads are fitted to this piping system. In stand-by condition they are closed. In the event of fire only those sprinkler heads open which are directly located above the fire. Therefore, fire extinguishing is carried out only where necessary (no water damage in the building sections not exposed to danger). Simultaneously an automatic alarm is set off. It is known that approx. 85% of all detected fires are extinguished by only one to five sprinklers.

Water spray systems

water spray systems are systems of open sprinklers controlled by a quick opening valve (deluge valve) which is operated by a system of heat detectors or sprinklers installed in the same area as the open sprinklers. These systems are designed primarily for special hazards.

Temperature Colour of liquid
inside bulb
°C °F
57 135 Orange
68 155 Red
79 174 Yellow
93 200 Green
141 286 Blue
182 360 Mauve
This chart from the New Zealand fire safety standards indicates the colour of the bulb and the respective operating

Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a1/Three_Surveillance_cameras.jpg/220px-Three_Surveillance_cameras.jpg